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Compassionate Counselling and Life Coaching for Addiction Recovery, Sexuality, LGBTQ+ Support, and more.

Meet Luke Ryan

“Confronting burned out yesterdays
May make you uneasy, yet
If you walk bravely
Not only waters become calm…”

– Luke Ryan


Sexuality & Gender

Expert support and guidance for exploring and navigating issues related to sexuality and gender identity.


Affirming counselling tailored to the unique needs and experiences of the LGBTQ+ community.


Specialized assistance and strategies for overcoming addiction and achieving lasting recovery.

Life Coaching

Personalized coaching to empower individuals in setting and achieving their goals for personal and professional growth.

Why Choose Luke

Personalized Sessions

Tailored support addressing your unique needs and challenges within a safe and caring environment, ensuring your comfort and progress.

24-Hour Check-In Service

Receive ongoing support and assistance from Luke, showcasing his commitment to your mental and emotional well-being around the clock.

Flexible Rates & Sliding Scale Option

Accessible pricing options, including flexible rates and a sliding scale, ensuring affordability and inclusivity for all clients.

Zoom Sessions

Convenient virtual sessions via Zoom accommodating various preferences, circumstances, & locations.

Comprehensive Services

Explore a diverse range of counseling and coaching services, covering General Life Coaching, Addiction Counselling, and specialized support for Sexuality, Gender, and Identity.

What People Are Saying

Luke helped me learn to help myself, which in turn saved my life! Thanks Luke!
Matt. T

Empowering Growth Through Compassionate Counselling

Tailored Support for Addiction Recovery, Sexuality Exploration, and LGBTQ+ Affirmation